OzLINK Mobile provides wireless barcode scanning to improve order picking. If you need to increase the productivity of your NetSuite WMS team, OzLINK Mobile picking can help you:

  • Reduce picking errors through barcode scanning and order validation
  • Increase productivity with guided walk paths to optimize the picking process.
  • Increase your fill rate and sales by leveraging real time visibility to inventory quantities and location.
  • Gain better inventory control by capturing serial and lot numbers.
OzLINK Mobile Enterprise: Picking
OzLINK Mobile Pro: Picking

OzLINK extends NetSuite WMS with three different picking models: single order paper based picking, multi-order paper based picking, and paperless picking. The OzLINK Mobile solution is designed to be easily adopted by your warehouse personnel. It requires minimal training with your team, increasing productivity day one.

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