Gaining inventory visibility increases your ability to sell what you have. With OzLINK Mobile, you can automate cycle counting, ensuring your NetSuite inventory management solution is accurate with actual inventory counts and specific bin locations. OzLINK Mobile improves your inventory control by:

  • Directing cycle counts based on item priorities.
  • Reducing errors for item counts through bar code scanning.
  • Synchronizing physical inventory with NetSuite inventory management.
  • Leveraging blind counts for accuracy.
  • Flagging items for recount if there is a large discrepancy.
Inventory Cycle Count with OzLINK Mobile

Managers set the priorities in their NetSuite inventory management solutions. Once cycle counting is completed they can then review inventory adjustments before committing the changes to NetSuite.

The OzLINK Mobile solution is designed to be easily adopted by your warehouse personnel. It requires minimal training, with your team increasing productivity day one. Contact us for your free solution consultation.