OzLINK and SPS Commerce have partnered to extend NetSuite enabling you to create and manage ASN’s (Advanced Ship Notices) directly from your warehouse. This joint NetSuite EDI solution easily integrates into your NetSuite fulfillment and shipping processes.

With OzLINK and SPS Commerce you can:

  • Generate ASNs and compliant labels.
  • Automate the pack, ship, and ASN generation to cut errors.
  • Avoid delays, penalties, and charge-backs.
  • Free up front office staff to focus on sales.
  • Maintain complete visibility in NetSuite.
  • Extend NetSuite EDI into the warehouse.
Inventory Cycle Count with OzLINK Mobile

Managers set the priorities in their NetSuite inventory management solutions. Once cycle counting is completed they can then review inventory adjustments before committing the changes to NetSuite.

The business opportunity with these large customers is too important to manage this manually. To learn how this joint NetSuite EDI solution can help you to automate your ASNs, reduce errors, and control warehouse costs, contact OzLINK for a free solution consultation today.