OzLINK Pro for UPS provides an out-of-the-box integration for NetSuite. OzLINK Pro for UPS streamlines your shipping operation by sharing information in real-time between NetSuite and UPS WorldShip.

OzLINK for UPS Pro

With OzLINK Pro for UPS you can:

  • Ship with all UPS package services including UPS SurePostĀ®, Mail Innovations, UPS Freight, Hundredweight®.
  • Achieve real time two-way integration.
  • Get shipping costs and tracking numbers written back to NetSuite.
  • Define a wide variety of business rules including handling charges and proof of delivery.

OzLINK Pro for UPS is available immediately and can be downloaded and set-up in minutes on your UPS WorldShip stations. If you are manually entering shipping information into your UPS WorldShip software you need OzLINK Pro for UPS.

Choose From Three OzLINK Shipping Solutions:

Self Service On Demand Solutionshttp://www.ozdevelopment.com/Marketplace/200000/Setup-OzLINK-for-UPS-OnLine-Tools.exe

For advanced options/implementation services contact us.