OzLINK helps you reduce order receiving errors by communicating real time with NetSuite. By using the handheld computer barcode scanner with the intuitive OzLINK interface, OzLINK Mobile enables users to:

  • Verify what was received real time in NetSuite.
  • Receive single box or an entire container of product.
  • Capture serialized or lot numbers.
  • Instantly alert user of an order discrepancy.
  • Create item labels on demand with mobile or wired printers.
OzLINK Mobile Enterprise: PO Receiving
OzLINK Mobile Pro: PO Receiving

OzLINK Mobile also streamlines your put away process. The directed put away function walks users through the warehouse and points them to the correct bin location for the received items. As part of the put away process, OzLINK Mobile also enables users to:

  • Automatically assign bins to an item.
  • Easily move items between bins.
  • Ensure NetSuite knows where items are at all times.

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