At a Glance: 
Lionel NASCAR Collectables came together from two of America’s most popular brands in toys and collectables.  They are one of the hottest growth brands in the segment.  When the time came to integrate the fulfillment operations of these businesses, they looked to the cloud and implemented NetSuite and OzLINK.  The results have been significant.

Oz Solutions:  OzLINK® Shipping
   NetSuite®, UPS WorldShip®, FedEx Ship Manager®, USPS 
Key Benefits: 

  • Automation and integration of fulfillment across B2C channel and dealer network
  • Meet large retail customers’ rigorous demand
  • Increased IT flexibility to accommodate growth
The Challenge: 
Supporting the fulfillment operations of a high growth business like the NASCAR collectable die-cast is very challenging.  The merger with Lionel brought on additional challenges including:
  •  Increasing the flexibility of shipping options and services to consumers via USPS
  •  Replacing the legacy IT systems with NetSuite and OzLINK
  •  Supporting a much more sophisticated fulfillment process for retail customers such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon
  •  Handling a mix of small package and freight shipments and producing the correct vendor compliant documents

The Solution:
Initially, before the IT systems merger, Lionel NASCAR Collectables implemented OzLINK.  This provided much needed NetSuite integration to UPS WorldShip.  As their shipping needs expanded, they added capabilities such as integration with the US Postal Service and freight services.  With the complete consolidation of companies, they had to implement NetSuite at the Lionel operations center in North Carolina.  Again, they called on OzLINK to support the complex business rules for integrated pick, pack, and ship.  The results leveraged the best technology and processes from the two businesses and achieved:

  •  A completely automated shipping operation
  •  Improved customer choice and lowered transportation costs by including the US Postal Service
Reduced labor costs through an advanced pick process whereby an OzLINK generated master picking list efficiently directs the picker to the required items. OzLINK then aids in palletizing and documenting to meet their retail customers’ needs.

Taking the cloud to an American iconic company like Lionel was a great endeavor.  It illustrates how the merging of traditional and cutting edge can drive continued success and customer satisfaction.

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